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Cammoes Commercial Premiere

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Halloween: Gear Up!

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Come on down to Cammoes at Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego this weekend and geap up for Halloween military style. Be an old soldier, be a new soldier, be a marine, be a tactical expert, be a super hero! We have many types of Neoprene face masks: clowns, crash test dummies, skeletons and much more. We have Ghillie Suits for kids and adults. Be a Sniper!

Be a sniper!

Decorate for your party with cool black camouflage netting. Makes for a great shade canopy after the party!

We have 10x10 and 10x20 in black, ACU, woodland, desert


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Cammoes at the Gun Show

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We decided to give the CrossRoads of the West Gun Show at Del Mar Fairgrounds a shot and we are happy to report it was a great success. We sold things that no one else had like neoprene masks, paracord, boots and ghilli suits. We got a lot of great feedback about Cammoes and spread the word about our great local deals.
We will definitely be making a repeat appearance at the next gun show so come on down and see us there or every weekend at Kobey’s!

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Gas Masks for All!

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We have gas masks for kids and adults starting at just $6. We have kids gas masks as pictured here for just $6!

Check out this cutie who took advantage of our great deal on Russian gas masks.


We also have Israeli and Russian gas masks for adults starting at $15.





Dug in at Kobey’s

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Well, here we are in our regular space at Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego. As you can see, we are a mobile army navy surplus store offering the greatest deals in town for your military and tactical gear.

We are in the center of the swap meet in spaces E 33-36 every Saturday and Sunday. Look for our military flags flying proudly.




We just got in more lightweight desert tactical boots with side zip. People who have bought these are raving about them. I’m telling ya, these boots solved the knee problem I thought I had. Only $65.



Paracord Crazy!

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Hey- We have loads of 550 paracord right now at a great deal. 100 feet for 8 bucks. We have lots of colors: black, purple, royal blue, pink, neon yellow, desert camo, brown, tan, ACU, foliage, OD, white and camo.

We also have the buclkles for a buck. Come to Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego for great deals on military stuff.


Here is a link to a video about how to make a bracelet out of paracord.

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet with Buckles

This is what you can make with paracord!












Check out our website and like us on Facebook!



Humble Beginnings

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Welcome to our first official blog entry! Welcome to Cammoes and Cammoes.com. We pride ourselves on offering the best prices on new and used army, navy, military and active wear in the San Diego area. We are an entirely mobile army navy surplus store operating out of Kobey’s Swap Meet. We don’t have to pay a lot of overhead like brick and mortar stores so we can keep our prices very low so you can save money on cool gear.

We get a lot of compliments about our army navy surplus space at Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego. Check our website to see lots of images of what we look like today. But, it wasn’t always so. In fact, we were pretty ham and egg when we started out. Check out how we started back in 2008. We slowly have grown our business into something we are proud to be a part of.


Welcome everyone to CAMMOES’ BLOG

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Welcome to our blog,  have you visited our website already???

Come to Cammoes at Kobey’s Swap Meet in San Diego for great prices on new Army Navy and Active Wear. We carry BDUs (Black, Woodland camo, Desert camo, Navy, Khaki, OD) , Blackhawk, boots sized 4.5 to 13 a, belts, backpacks, bags, camo shorts,BDU shorts, Cool ladies clothes, bandanas, Uniform pants and shirts.
Always getting new and interesting products to keep the space fresh. If you are looking for something let us know and we do special orders too.

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